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COVID Cleaning and Decontamination

2020 has changed how we clean forever. Traditional cleaning methods are proven to be costly and time consuming with no guaranteed protection for your workforce against harmful pathogens. At the beginning of the pandemic we were overwhelmed with requests for our hygiene cleaning services. This allowed us to establish PathoProtect as an extra layer of protection for our clients, both commercial and domestic.

Guaranteed protection 24/7 for 70 days
Scrutinised by Public Health England and meets British Standards
Once installation is completed, safe for humans, animals and food prep areas
Kills 99.9988% of all pathogens including covid within 5 minutes for 70 days

How It Works

Cutting Edge Nano Technology

The technology uses SiQAC, a quaternary ammonium silicone compound that acts as a long-lasting antimicrobial coating that fights against a broad range of microorganisms.

The coating is sprayed/fogged onto the desired location using a natural polymerisation process to bond the surface within minutes, ensuring no leaching. Once dried, the coating consists of a layer of positively charged nano spikes which attract and kill negatively charged pathogens on contact with the surface.

Unlike traditional antibacterial methods, the antimicrobial coating, once installed by our technicians continuously attracts and kills pathogens within 5 minutes for 70 days guaranteed.

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