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Pubs, Restaurants and Hospitality

Able Commercial Kleaners have extensive experience in working within the hospitality industry. Keeping your front of house areas, from entrance lobby to restaurant, clean and inviting is crutial for your businesses success. With reviews constantly commenting on the cleanliness of establishments it is essential that you do not lose sight of the importance of maintain a clean and inviting establishment

Fully trained and reliable staff with expert knowledge.
All staff are DBS checked and employed.
Family run and a personal point of contact at all times
Bespoke service suited to your individual requirements

Why a clean establishment is as critical as your level of service, food and refreshments?

A recent survey revealed that dirty dishes, unpleasant odor, and dirty bathrooms are the top reasons customers would never return to a restaurant. In fact, all three perceptions of cleanliness rated higher than poor service when choosing whether to return to a restaurant.

An example list of duties regularly carried out in the hospitality sector includes...

  • Vaccuming and mopping throughout including entrance and seating area

  • Dusting and polishing including polishing brass and glass surfaces

  • Cleaning of internal glass including shelves and mirrors

  • Cleaning of of tables, chairs and benches including legs

  • Signage, Canopy and window cleaning

  • Cleaning and sanitising of washrooms and W/C's

  • Replenishing and stock level maintenance of consumables

  • Car park and bin area cleaning 

Pull up a chair

Apart from anything else, the chairs are dirty. In a study, it was found that 70 per cent of the restaurant chairs had E. coli bacteria. Many people use the chairs, and often a waiter may pull them out for you. Given how infrequently the chairs are cleaned, they are a host to many bacteria.

Cleaning perceptions

A survey discovered that 86 percent of adults equate the cleanliness of a restaurant's bathroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen. Even the most pristine kitchens can be negatively perceived if a restaurant does not have a proper bathroom maintenance program in place.

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