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Mover Packing
End of Lease Cleaning

Whether you are moving premises or your lease is ending Able Commercial Kleaners can provide a high standard end of lease clean. In most cases a stipulation of a lease agreement is that a clean is carried out, ensuring that you have the correct contractor to undertake the work can mean the difference between the refund of your security deposit or not. We have trained and experienced teams to maximise the chances. 

Fully trained and reliable staff with expert knowledge.
All staff are DBS checked and employed.
Family run and a personal point of contact at all times
Bespoke service suited to your individual requirements

Why can an effective and professional end of lease clean can save you thousands? 

Moving your business to a new location is a huge task. If you are leasing your business premises, then it is going to be your responsibility to make sure that it is left as you found it. To ensure that you maximise your chances of seeing your deposit returned a professional clean is a must as if the property is left damaged or untidy then the landlord may decide to hold on to the deposit, which would cover any cleaning or repairs.

An example list of duties regularly carried out in end of lease cleans includes...

  • Rubbish clearance and responsible disposal

  • Sanitising desks, chairs and equipment

  • Carpet cleaning and where appropriate stain removal

  • Deep cleaning to staff washrooms, bathrooms and showers

  • Deep cleaning of kitchens and cafeterias

  • Window cleaning, both internal and external

  • External cladding cleaning and removal of signage

  • Car park and bin area cleaning 

Take Inventory Before the Move

The easiest way to prevent becoming overwhelmed with a move is to narrow down the number of objects you have to move in the first place. From storage units to desk drawers, cleaning and decluttering as much as possible before the move can save untold amounts of time and energy

Evaluate Possessions and Needs

Does your team need new furniture? Donate your current furniture to a non-profit association or your local charity shop (most will even collect) and purchase and assemble new furniture at the new location. Plus, the less heavy objects your movers have to transfer, the lower your costs will be.

Donate Extras and Unnecessary Items

Does anyone really need five laminating machines? What about other unused office supplies that are just taking up space? Sift through your current inventory and donate or trash anything that doesn’t need to be taken along in the move.

Sort Items by Room and Category

Once you’ve decluttered and removed unnecessary items, sorting objects by room and category for packing allows you to organize your items for a move. Don’t forget to label each box with a description of the contents inside as well as the room or area of the new location they’ll need to be taken to. 

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