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Gym Equipments
Gym & Leisure Cleaning

Able Commercial Kleaners services for Gyms and Fitness Centres are second to none. We offer a fantastic cleaning service carried out by employed, trained and experienced staff ensuring that your premises are left clean and fresh, providing your staff, clients and customers with an area they can feel confident and safe in.

Fully trained and reliable staff with expert knowledge.
All staff are DBS checked and employed.
Family run and a personal point of contact at all times
Bespoke service suited to your individual requirements

How to make sure that your centre stands out to customers for the right reasons?

We understand that Health Clubs, Fitness Centres and Gyms are the ideal breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. By utilising experienced and professional cleaners you can ensure that your premises live up to your clients and staff expectations. Knowledge of Health and Safety and COSHH is a must so all our employed staff are fully trained. 

An example list of duties regularly carried out in Gyms includes...

  • Sanitising equipment including mats and free weights. 

  • Cleaning and sanitising washrooms, showers, sinks and W/C's

  • Sanitising high touch points and lockers 

  • Emptying and sanitising rubbish and recycling bins

  • Restocking washroom consumables and towels

  • Floor vaccuming and sanitising including specialist floors

  • Cleaning of bars, cafes, food warmers and associated tables and chairs

  • Cleaning and vaccuming entrance foyers and hallways

Gym and Fitness Equipment

Gym goers all know the etiquette: wipe, wipe, wipe. In other words, cleaning gym equipment after use is a must it is just hygienic to wipe away your swest before letting others use the equipment.

Wiping away your sweat isn't going to do away with the possible germs and diseases on the surface. Viruses that cause the flu and cold can stay on surfaces of your equipment for up to 24 hours. Others, such as the norovirus which causes stomach bugs, can stay there for more than a month. 

Gym Restrooms/Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are just like any public restroom. The shoes coming from outside could be carrying fecal matter that could cause stomach flu and hepatitis A. There are also quite number of surfaces inside those rooms that can become a breeding ground for staphylococcus, fungi, streptococcus, and other germs. The steam coming from the showers can cause moisture to accumulate in the air and cause mold to grow. A thorough cleaning of the changing rooms and restrooms daily is a necessity, so is disinfecting handles, benches, and all other surfaces within. 

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