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Manufacturing Cleaning

Able Commercial Kleaners have a wealth of experience in cleaning for the manufacturing industry and understand the rigerous Health and Safety standards that have to be adheared to. Our expertise spans factories, manufacturing plants and production lines across multiple buildings and complex operations including degreasing machinary and sanitising production line equipment. 

Fully trained and reliable staff with expert knowledge.
All staff are DBS checked and employed.
Family run and a personal point of contact at all times
Bespoke service suited to your individual requirements

How can cleaning increase staff moral, productivity and expand your business?

Ensuring the cleanliness of your factory takes time and effort, but doing so will benefit your business, your employees and your customers. Putting good hygiene practice in place across your factory and wider business can help you to ensure safety is at a high level, meaning you consistently meet regulations. Doing so will mean you avoid costly and potentially reputation-ruining repercussions, as well as minimising the risk to your workforce.

An example list of duties regularly carried out in offices includes...

  • Emergency, one off and ongoing contract cleans 

  • Oil and grease cleaning including on production line

  • Machine, plant and assembly line cleaning

  • Toilet, bathroom and shower room cleaning

  • Emptying and sanitising rubbish and recycling bins

  • Cafeteria and break room cleaning including locker rooms

  • External surface cleanign (including brick and stone)

  • Replenishing and stock level maintenance of consumables

  • Car park and bin area cleaning 

Increase Productivity

If your factory is not effectively cleaned, you risk workers being unable to find the materials they need – leading to increased human error – which in turn leads  to increased waste and costs – and slower turnarounds in production. This sort of environment is also likely to be more stressful to your staff, potentially creating disharmony in the workplace.

Protecting your workforce and reputation

Effective factory cleanliness allows your staff to do what they need to, in the right way and in a shorter timeframe. Furthermore, if cleanliness can improve health and safety, you can reduce time lost due to staff injury or absence. This all makes for increased productivity across your production, so you can keep costs low and morale high.

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